San Francisco Fleet Week 2023 Aboard Schooner Freda B

San Francisco Fleet Week, a cherished annual tradition on the West Coast is upon us this week. Step aboard the iconic Schooner Freda B for an unforgettable experience during Fleet Week 2023.

Freda B at Sunset Golden Gate Bridge
Sailing into the Sunset Freda B
Schooner Freda B sail Golden Gate
freda b and whale
Freda B, slip 907
Freda B sausalito channel
Sailing to the Golden Gate Bridge Schooner Freda B by Sheila Sommers
Freda B at Sunset Golden Gate Bridge
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The Freda B: A Timeless Beauty

Stepping aboard the Freda B is like stepping into the past. Freda B is a charming reminder of the golden age of sail. Her glistening decks, towering masts, and billowing sails will transport you to a bygone era of maritime adventures. As you embark on the Freda B, you’ll feel a deep connection to the seafaring traditions of yesteryears.

Fleet Week 2023: A Grand Celebration

San Francisco Fleet Week is known for its dazzling displays of naval might, aerial acrobatics, and maritime exhibitions. It’s a week-long extravaganza that pays tribute to the men and women of our armed forces while providing the public with an up-close look at the marvels of modern maritime technology.

Here are some highlights you can look forward to during Fleet Week 2023:
  • Navy Parade of Ships: Watch in awe as a flotilla of mighty naval vessels sails beneath the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, a breathtaking sight that showcases the might of the United States Navy.
  • Blue Angels Aerial Show: The U.S. Navy Blue Angels will once again take to the skies over San Francisco, performing breathtaking aerobatic maneuvers that will leave you on the edge of your seat.
  • Fleet Week Village: Explore a bustling maritime village featuring interactive exhibits, food vendors, and a chance to meet and greet servicemen and women.
Aboard the Freda B: A Unique Experience

What sets your Fleet Week experience aboard the Schooner Freda B apart from the rest? The answer lies in the unmatched charm and intimacy of this traditional vessel.

As you sail beneath the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, you’ll witness the Fleet Week Parade of Ships from a vantage point that few others can claim. The Freda B’s crew, well-versed in the art of hospitality, will ensure you have a memorable experience. Whether you’re a sailing enthusiast or just looking for a unique way to experience Fleet Week, the Freda B offers something for everyone.

Join us in 2024!

Fleet Week promises to be a celebration like no other. Schooner Freda B adds a touch of nostalgia and elegance to an already impressive lineup of events. So, mark your calendars and prepare to set sail into the future aboard the Freda B during San Francisco Fleet Week 2024. This extraordinary combination of maritime history and modern spectacle is an experience you won’t want to miss.