Sailing on Schooner Freda B

Schooner Freda B is a magnificent sailing vessel known for its grace and elegance on the waters. It is a classic schooner design that evokes a sense of nostalgia and adventure. With its tall masts, traditional rigging, and billowing sails, Freda B embodies the spirit of traditional sailing.

About the Schooner

A schooner features a main mast and a shorter foremast, typically making it a two-masted vessel. The main mast is positioned toward the center of the vessel, while the foremast is located closer to the bow. Sturdy wooden masts provide the necessary support for the sails.

The captivating sails of Freda B are crafted from durable fabric, such as canvas or Dacron, and are designed to catch the wind and propel the schooner through the water. A system of ropes and pulleys known as rigging controls the sails, and skilled crew members adeptly manipulate the rigging to adjust the sails and harness the wind’s power effectively.

Schooner Sails

The configuration of the sails on Schooner Freda B varies depending on wind conditions, desired speed, and direction of travel. Common sail types found on this schooner include the mainsail, foresail, jib, and staysail. The mainsail, the largest and most prominent sail, typically attaches to the main mast. The foresail is located on the foremast, while the jib and staysail are usually set on the bowsprit, extending out in front of the vessel.

Schooner Freda B offers its passengers an authentic and enchanting sailing experience, whether cruising along the coastline or participating in regattas. It skillfully combines the allure of traditional sailing with modern amenities. Passengers have the opportunity to learn about sailing, assist with the operation of the schooner, or simply relax and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

Upcoming Sails on Freda B

7/28- Public JAZZ, BLUES, & BRIDGE SAIL – Friday 

7/29- Public SUNSET SAIL- Saturday


7/31- Public FULL MOON SAIL- Monday 

8/1- Public FULL MOON SAIL- Tuesday