Cimba COVID-19 Statement

Your comfort and safety is our highest priority. To further this goal, the following guidelines apply to all guests aboard Cimba.

  • The total number of guests aboard the boat must be no more than 10 individuals, excluding crew.
  • Guests must board and disembark one at a time, 6 ft apart.
  • Groups must provide a complete guest list, including name and contact info for each individual coming aboard. 
  • Guests must pack out all their trash and personal belongings.
  • Trips exclusively board and return to Cimba’s homeport of Sausalito.

Please note that US Coast Guard guidelines on masks are different than State and Local regulations:
Guests and crew must wear masks when boarding/disembarking, and when visiting the interior of the vessel.

  • Masks will be allowed to come off once we are underway. We are looking forward to a change to this in the future as we understand this feels restrictive compared to the other agencies.

Individually packed, single serve food and drink is welcome onboard. No platters or shared food currently. Guests over 21 years old are welcome to bring BEER/WINE.

  • Our captain is encouraging guests to dine on shore and support one of the local SAUSALITO RESTAURANTS within walking distance.